CRJ Glass Cockpit


There is now a manual pdf file included in the download, below is an excerpt.

Installation Note: RJGlass will only connect with FSX, or ESP. It will not work with FS9 (FS2004).
There are two download options, an Windows exe and a python source file. If you are using Windows you have two options, you can run RJGlass.exe, in the Windows exe download without the need of any other software, or you can go the with the python source. The python source is the only option if you are using Linux, or a Mac. In order to use the python source, you need to following requirements:
Python (>= 2.4 and < 3.0)
PyOpenGl (
PyGame (>= 1.8) (
Numpy ( only needed if using (Python < 2.5)
Then to run RJGlass from source, you can doucle-click or from a terminal type: python
Connecting RJGlass with FSX
Setting up FSX
In order to connect to FSX, you have to let know FSX what port to look for connections on. To achieve this you need to have a SimConnect.xml file located in a specific directory on the machine running FSX. The SimConnect.xml needs to be located in:
For Vista: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX (Note: I don't have Vista, to test this.)
For XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX
A sample SimConnect.xml file is located in each download. If there is already a SimConnect.xml file in this folder, then some other software that uses SimConnect, might have already created that file. If there isn't one in there, then copy the xml file that came with RJGlass in that location.
For RJGlass to connect, there has to be a SimConnect.xml file in that folder and it needs to have a global connection setup and a port specified. The port specfied needs to agree with the port specified in in the RJGlass folder.
Note: Make sure there is no firewalls setup, that will prohibit RJGlass connecting to the FSX computer on the port selected. Here is a link to explain more about SimConnect and the SimConnect.xml file on FSX,
Setting up RJGlass
All of the RJGlass configuration settings, are located in the file. Note of caution, is imported as python code, so one needs to be careful the syntax stays compatibility with python after each edit.
In the file you need to specify the IP address, and port of the FSX machine. Set addr equal to the IP address surrounded by single quotes. (i.e. addr = '' ) Next, make sure the port matches the port specifies in the SimConnect.xml file. If you use the included SimConnect.xml then the set at port 1500 will already match the xml file. After the port and addr are set you are ready to test the connection. The last thing that needs to be done is to set the mode correctly depending on your version of FSX. The options are FSXSP0, FSXSP1, or FSXSP2, or ESP. There is also a TEST option, that will run RJGlass but it will not try to connect to FSX. After the mode is set, then make sure FSX is running (not at the main menu screen), and start RJGlass, and the connection should be made automatically.
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