CRJ Glass Cockpit


I created the CRJ Glass Cockpit software, to help me with my main goal of making a home simulator cockpit to run with Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Hopefully as time permits, I will be able to start on the actual construction of it. My plan is to use this software to run it on up to two Linux computers, along with the main (faster) computer running FSX (on Windows of course).

The main reason that I decided to make my own software, was so I could customize it as I needed it. Also, I never considered myself a good C++ programmer and prefer the Python programming language. I chose the Canadian Regional Jet (CRJ-100), for the main reason that my younger brother is an actual CRJ first officer. Therefore, I can obtain whatever manuals, specs, etc. that I need to hopefully make this as accurate as the time allows.

This software consists of two programs the first, SimFSX. SimFSX is just a simple C# program that uses the Simconnect API on FSX in order to get all of the “data” in and out of FSX. All the data, airspeed, altitude, etc. is obtained through the Simconnect API and then gets sent via UDP through a LAN to the other piece of software, RJGlass. RJGlass, which is written in Python, reads the UDP data that comes to it, and then displays it using OpenGL. Since RJGlass is written in Python it can be run on both Linux and Windows. The main advantage of RJGlass is that it is run on other computers that don't have to be as powerful as a computer capable of running the latest version of Flight Simulator. Therefore, the computers are cheaper and shouldn't need to be upgraded at all with a new version of Flight Simulator.

The project is open sourced and I am open to any help that people would want to give. I also would love to hear any feedback about the project, including suggestions and ideas for improvement. Logo OpenGL Logo [Python Powered] [PyGame Powered]