CRJ Glass Cockpit


0.3.3 Released 04-18-09

In this release the main addition is the start of the EICAS screens. Engine guages, APU guages, Brake Temp guage, Flap and Gear indications. There is also a start of a FMS screen, but it is not functional at this time. For the next release I hope to get the autopilot completly functional. Feedback and questions are welcomed.

0.3.2 Released! 07-28-08

Spent lots of time on the autopilot for this release, and made some progress. However, the Autopilot still only has limited functionlity of only, pitch, roll, and hdg hold. Added some sound, with alitutude callouts on landing. The moving map should also work throughout North America now. A bunch of minor changes also. Enjoy!!

0.3.0 Released! 02-28-08

0.3.0 now does not need SimFSX to communicate with FSX. RJGlass now has the ability to communicate with FSX, on its own. Improvements to the PFD have also been made, along with a ND (moving map) which only currently works in the KDTW area. Be sure to read the Release Notes / README file for details on how to connect to FSX, and what's new in this release. Would like to thank Valentin for bug testing, and being an excellent source for detailed information of the CRJ.

Progress Report. 12-31-07

The next version of RJGlass is progressing. When doing some research on the SimConnect interface for FSX. I discovered jSimConnect, with the info provided on that site, the new plan is to not need SimFSX (the C# program to bridge between FSX and RJGlass), and to just have RJGlass connect directly to FSX through SimConnect. Unfortently, that has stalled development a little since the communication part needs to be recoded. I uploaded a new screenshot, to show some progress on the moving map, it now loads in navaids.

Website is up.8-18-07

After a little CSS experimentation, the first crack at a website is up.

Verison 0.2 Released8-03-07

First release of RJGlass and SimFSX is here. In order to connect RJGlass to FSX you need to download SimFSX as well. There is a Win32 executable for windows users, and a source download for Linux users. Consult the README file in the downloads. Logo OpenGL Logo [Python Powered] [PyGame Powered]